The Haiku Review – Packers vs. Lions


James Jones cruises for a second half touchdown. The 83 yard catch was just part of his big day. (Photo credit: Jeffery Phelps, AP)

The Packers wrapped up a win against the Lions Sunday. Ahead of a full recap Monday, here’s a poetic recap of this week’s win.

1st Quarter

Methodical drive
Yields just three points.
Eddie can run, though.

A 72 yard drive in the first quarter ended with just a field goal, but big contributions from Eddie Lacy foreshadowed things to come. He’d go on to rush for 99 yards, one shy of becoming the Packers’ third different 100 yard rusher this year.

2nd Quarter

Long drives to nowhere.
At least the defense can ball.
Just three at the half.

The Packers’ offensive woes continued in the second quarter, but no worries. The defense had their backs big, shutting down the Calvin Johnson-deprived Lions and allowing just three points before the break.

3rd Quarter

Randall runs, catches.
Jones finally gets a score.
Touchdowns beat field goals.

Budding star Randall Cobb showed his versatility with a 67 yard run, then played the role of decoy on James Jones‘ 83 yard touchdown catch.

4th Quarter

Mason is perfect.
I am sorry for doubting.
Fifteen points today.

Remember when Mason Crosby couldn’t show his face in Wisconsin? Those days are gone (at least, for now) as he’s been picture perfect so far this year. Five field goals on one day will do a lot to make people forget past struggles.

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